Medical Shoe Covers

December 25, 2019

Medical Shoe Covers

Medical Depot has quality medical shoe covers which are widely used in hospitals, lab, clinics, workshops, and for personal use at home. The shoe covers are remarkable for keeping your carpets clean or use them to keep your feet dry when taking the kids to the swimming pool. These disposable shoe covers are made from polyethylene film which is utilized in a clean-room environment. Our shoe covers are a practical contrasting option to other comparable items when a low particulate material is expected to secure against splash. The shoe covers Medical Depot give are exceptionally tear-resistant and are in a perfect world suited for our customers.

These Blue Polypropylene Non-Skid Shoe Covers are designed to keep floor surfaces spotless and secured. They are made from a polypropylene material with coated soles and latex-free. Covers are specifically designed to protect against dirt and grime. They also feature elastic closures for a secure and comfortable fit.

Included assurance with a specific material that is fluid repellent. Expanded tear quality with sewn seams. Simple to use with elastic opening making them simple to slip on.

It is important to ensure that these surgical shoe covers fit to your size. Medical Depot has a range of shoe covers available in regular and extra-large sizes especially made to fit your need. Shoe covers are medical graded, durable, tear-resistant, fluid repellent, non-skid, non-conductive, and disposable.