Examination Table Paper

Medical Depots superior standard 21 inch Table Paper has increased tear resistance which is popular within the healthcare and beauty sectors. Medical Paper or high absorbent crepe paper that gives additional protection against dirt and moisture and provides extra comfort to help relax patients. Exam Table Paper is relatively smooth in texture yet very strong and hygienic, which prevents bacteria and fluids from examination tables and chairs by the one-sided glaze finishing. Protect your medical and examination furniture while maintaining a sanitized environment that meets the standards and regulations of a healthcare facility with pediatric exam table paper rolls. Designed to be used once and disposed of after every unique patient visit. Medical exam table paper rolls are hygienically packed to ensure cleanliness. It is important to ensure exam paper provides perfect fit on exam tables and chairs to prevent snagging, sliding and slipping on clothing. Consider the size of your exam table or chair and the length and width of the roll. Look for a roll dimension that fits the dimensions of your furniture. Exam room table paper is manufactured exclusively for Medical Depot. The utilization of this elite exam table paper serves as an effective compelling barrier against contamination. The medical table paper is designed to prevent the paper from sliding and keep your environment safe and clean.

Features and Bene­fits - Crepe

  • Protects the examination table from moisture, soil and other damage.
  • Crepe-­finish features a soft, cottony texture gentle on patients.
  • Strong and durable even when moist.
  • Continuous 21” x 125’ or 18" x 125' roll.
  • Great value for money.

Features and Bene­fits - Smooth

  • Protects the examination table from moisture, soil and other damage.
  • Smooth, glazed ­finish ensures high patient comfort.
  • Features a one-sided glaze fi­nish to repel moisture.
  • Continuous 21” x 200’ or 18" x 200' roll.
  • Great value for money.

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