Latex Gloves Pre Powdered

Powdered Latex Gloves & Medical Latex Gloves

Our range of latex gloves come in both powdered and powder-free versions and in small, medium and large sizes to accommodate all.  Because of their durability and being incredibly flexible the Latex glove remains the preferred amongst many professionals. With the latex material moulding to the contours of the hand, the user is able to maintain precision within their work, making these the ideal choice for medical practitioners and professionals within the mechanical and engineering sectors.

*Premium Glove*

Glove weight is 5.4g which offers exceptional strength and durability.

  • Textured surface offers excellent grip.

  • Softness provides superior comfort and a natural fit.

  • Bead- trimmed cuff allows easy application and reduces the risk of tearing.

  • The textured surface on palm and fingers provide a better grip and more precision.

  • Eliminates the spread of infection and offers protection from unwanted and dangerous substances.

  • Low level of extractable proteins and chemical residue, hence lower incidences of allergic reactions.

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