Pre-Cut Waxing Strips ***

Medical Depot has the best quality waxing products which are profoundly known in beauty industry and local salons across Canada. Pre-Cut Waxing Strips are the best epilating strips made from fine texture for maximum absorption reproducing positives results to aesthetically please the users. The clean appeal character of the waxing strips makes it more popular amongst the users therefore; it has become aestheticians’ choice in deciding our Pre-Cut Waxing Strips for the client’s satisfaction. Strips are finely produced from non-woven fabric that is of high quality. Pre-cut strips are made from 50% polyester and 50% viscose and offered in 100 count packages. Each individual strip provides a firm and strong grip that provides superior results by removing the hair from its roots and leaving the skin fresh and clean. The extra grip and fast bond due to adhesive properties allow easy and superior waxing experience. Disposable pre-cut strips are fast and easier to wax with. Waxing Strips are 3”x 9” (3 inches by 9 inches) pre-cut to the right size to perfectly fit the area to be waxed. Pre-cut strips make waxing work easy and hassle-free, gently removes the unwanted hair. Works on short and stubborn hair help to slow the appearance of regrowth of hair. A wax strip soothes skin, removes traces of wax along and does not leave skin dry generally it gives a clean and fresh look. Specific materials are selected to design and make the Pre Cut wax Strips to avoid skin damages and reactions caused by other waxing strips. Both sides of the strips can be wisely used because our strips are durable and flexible for many uses. Medical Depots Pre Cut wax Strips are tear-resistant it does not tear or break out due to heat or other factors. It is highly absorbent thus the warm wax will not leak through. Depilatory Wax Strips are protective against sensitivities and allergy reactions. Pre-Cut Waxing Strips is an ideal beauty product used in salons, spas, barbershops, tattoo shops and for home use. Disposable Pre-Cut Waxing Strips helps in maintaining sanitary and hygiene. This also prevents contamination and spread of skin disease and other health or skin conditions. Pre-Cut strips are perfect for a variety of everyday waxing purposes.

Waxing Strips Pre-Cut 3” x 9” or 3 inches by 9 inches

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