Sterilization Pouches

The perfect balance of seal strength with seal integrity to ensure no leaks yet peel open cleanly everytime. Because patient safety matters.
     • Monitor sterilization processing with distinct color changing internal and external multiparameter indicators for steam and EO that meet CDC guidelines for effective sterilization.
     • Internal and external indicators respond to all critical variables of steam sterilization: time, temperature and the presence of steam.
     • A unique quadruple seal forming process for leak proof seals.
     • Perforated fold facilitates easy and accurate folding of adhesive strip to form airtight seal, thumb notch enables easy opening of pouch.
     • Secure seal with extra wide chevron seal protects against instrument breaching while high quality porous medical-grade paper meets medical standard.
     • Lead-free, high-quality inks compatible with a large number of commonly used disinfectants and assure easy confirmation of sterilization process.
     • A quartet of product quality checks.
     • Blue tinted, tear resistant film offers convenient loading and assures sterility maintenance.

Medical Depot has quality medical Duet Sterilization Pouches which are used in hospitals, labs, clinics, tattoo parlors, spas and for personal use at home. Secured seal system with wide chevron seal ensures against instrument breaching. Encourages both simple instrument survey and recognizable proof of cut or tears in the film. The peeling of the film is similarly simple because of clean partition of paper and film because of high grade materials. Medical Depot uses high quality medical grade porous paper that meets medical standards. Duet Sterilization Pouches responds and reacts to 3 sterilization parameters time, temperature & presence of steam. Easily and safely seals the pocket and gives dependable seal until pocket is opened. Facilitates simple and accurate folding of adhesive strip to shape impenetrable seal until pocket is opened. Lead free and ink compatible with an expensive number of regularly utilized disinfectants and guarantees simple confirmation of sterilization procedure. Sterilization pouches are built in with the internal and external multi-parameter indicators. Fast and secure closing pouches without use of heat sealers. Spares profitable time and cash, already spent on acquiring and embedding an extra indicator strip into the pockets. Guaranteed sterility of cleansing pockets is controlled by 3 disinfection parameters: Temperature, Time and Presence of steam with ISO standards and CDC contamination and infection control guideline. • Solid and secure seal with additional wide chevron seal ensures against instrument breaking. • Brilliant permeable therapeutic review paper. • Non-harmful, Non-toxic, water-based and Eco-friendly ink. • Clean division/separation of paper and film, when opened, guarantees the protected presentation of sterile products. • Perforated fold encourages exact folding of adhesive strip to form water/air proof seal. • Compatible with steam and ethylene oxide disinfection strategies. Duet Sterilization Pouches are ideal for many sterile conserving purposes. Medical Depot is a trusted company to rely on for your medical needs. We have high standard of medical products to suited for your industry.

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